The automatic roll to sheet cutting machine we produce is suitable for cutting special-shaped and narrow strips of materials such as foam, diffuser, double-sided tape, copper and aluminum foil, saving time and labor, and greatly improving production efficiency.

The main advantages are as follows:

1. The design of the equipment is silent, reducing the noise of the working environment.
2. Centralized (outdoor) exhaust to reduce dust and improve the production environment.
3. The equipment is equipped with a self-diagnosis function (when a failure occurs, the screen automatically prompts).
4. The equipment has seven adsorption strengths to choose from to meet different cutting requirements and save power.
5. Even if the feeding angle of the cloth is inclined, the control software can automatically correct the angle for cutting.
6. There are four shapes of cutting mouth to choose from.
7. The cutting can be continued in an unlimited amount, and the preparation work can be done while cutting, which saves time and greatly improves work efficiency.
8. The cutting point can be selected arbitrarily to save fabric (the fabric edge can be fully utilized).
9. The cutting knife reciprocates up and down, which can meet the cutting of various shapes and lines, especially good at cutting arcs.
10. The software control is unique, and there are five ways to choose from to solve the fabric hot melt.
11. The bristles are flexible and have good knife avoidance and are not easy to damage, reducing the cost of later consumables.
12. The equipment operation is more humane, simple and convenient.
13. The cut part is automatically covered with film again to reduce air leakage and ensure cutting accuracy.
14. The motor drives the drilling, the speed is fast, the drilling should not be blocked, and the operation time is reduced. You can choose the two-hole or three-hole punching device.
15. Double-wheel sharpening is used to grind the knife edge uniformly, ensuring cutting accuracy and increasing cutting speed.
16. Adopt a closed vacuum chamber to reduce air leakage, reduce energy consumption, thoroughly treat the dust generated by cutting, and improve cutting environmental pollution.
17. The cutting range adopts the overall adsorption method to keep the fabric in a stable state and improve the cutting accuracy. The timing belt wheel is sent by belt to reduce friction and achieve silence.

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