Demystifying the Genius Behind the Auto Wire Stripping Machine


Step into the world of precision wire processing as we unveil the intricate workings of the auto wire stripping machine. Discover how this innovative technology performs wire cutting, ribbon cable core wire separation, and stripping with ease. Dive into the details of this automated marvel designed for electronics assembly.

Unveiling the Magic: Auto Wire Stripping Machine Insights

Today, we’re unraveling the mysteries behind the auto wire stripping machine’s core functions. This cutting-edge marvel has transformed wire rod processing, excelling in wire cutting, ribbon cable core wire separation, and stripping tasks. Join us as we explore its inner workings:

  1. Clearance Control: The wire feeding rollers’ clearance is at your fingertips. Adjust it effortlessly to accommodate different cable sizes, ensuring precise wire processing.
  2. Wire Feeding Roller: This roller is the powerhouse behind cable transmission and wire head stripping. It doesn’t just strip wire heads and tails but also handles multiple internal parts for short wires.
  3. Wire Outlet Roller: Responsible for cable transport and wire tail stripping, the wire outlet roller plays a crucial role in seamless wire processing.
  4. Feeding Roller Lifting: When threading, lift the wire feeding roller for smooth cable passage. Lower it during operation to secure the wire cable in place.
  5. Tool Holder Assembly: This assembly cuts wire cables, strips heads, and tails. Ensure the upper and lower blades are maximally open for easy cable passage during machine shutdown.
  6. Pressure Control: Fine-tune the wire feeding roller pressure according to cable insulation strength. Increase it if wire stripping is challenging, decrease it for easier stripping.
  7. Outlet Roller Clearance Control: Precisely control the outlet wheel clearance based on cable thickness. Adjust the upper and lower screws to accommodate various cable sizes.
  8. Outlet Roller Pressure Control: Tailor the outlet wheel pressure to the cable skin’s strength. Increase it for tough wires and decrease it for easy stripping.
  9. Wire Outlet Roller Lifting: Lift the wire outlet roller to facilitate cable removal during downtime. Lower it for operation, securing the cable in place. (Remember to raise it during short stripping programs.)

As you delve into the auto wire stripping machine’s intricate operation, you’ll unlock the efficiency and precision it brings to electronics assembly and wire processing. Say goodbye to manual struggles and embrace the future of automation. Your journey to mastering this ingenious technology begins here.

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