Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Functions of Advanced Wire Processing Automation Solution

In the dynamic world of electrical appliances, from automobiles to aerospace, the wiring harness stands as a cornerstone of their success. Unique commodities demand distinct wiring harnesses, underscoring the significance of computerized wire stripping machines and wire crimping machines in the manufacturing process. Delve into the realm of wiring harness processing technology through an exploration of these two key players.

Computerized Wire Stripping Machine: A Precision Powerhouse Targeting wires within 50 square meters, the computerized wire stripping machine boasts versatility. It effortlessly slices up to 15 meters in a single cut, with a stripping length reaching 120 mm. Handling AWG32-AWG14 wires with finesse, it preserves copper wire integrity and offers adjustable accuracy within 2 meters—eliminating errors, alleviating labor strain, and ensuring precise wire processing.

Cable Wire Stripping Machine: Elevating Safety and Efficiency A robust solution for large square cables, the cable wire stripping machine finds its stronghold in elevators and automobiles, guaranteeing wire rod safety. Mastering technology, it harmonizes wires of varying lengths and gauges. Computer-controlled, featuring key operation and LCD display, this four-wheel-driven machine accommodates a wide stripping range, catering to diverse needs with finesse.

Wire Crimping Machine: Seamlessly Connect, Effortlessly Conduct Meet the champion of wire processing—the wire crimping machine. Seamlessly crimping metal terminals onto wire ends, it ensures secure conduction. Designed for convenience, its riveted terminals facilitate effortless connections. Free from welding, this machine unites wires steadfastly, allowing easy disassembly when required.

Selecting the right equipment is paramount. Minimize wire loss, save time, and optimize labor resources. In the age of automation, the prowess of computerized wire stripping machines and wire crimping machines empowers us with unprecedented convenience, opening doors to enhanced productivity and efficiency.

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