What shall we do if the automated strip cutter cutting is not standard

The first factor may be that the automated strip cutter itself is not good, and the product produced by the machine has a large error. The second factor may be that the pressure on both sides of the roller is not well adjusted, causing uneven pressure on both sides. The third possibility is that the cutter die and other accessories of the automated strip cutter have not been installed and fixed. It is recommended to ask where you bought the machine. [...]

Solution of no display on the control panel of the automated strip cutter

We tell you the solution for no display on the control panel: If the machine is used continuously for a long time, the temperature inside the case may be extremely high, and the display may be abnormal. This is a normal phenomenon. Stop working, turn off the power switch, and turn it on after a while. The display should be normal. If it is in cold state If the boot display is abnormal, please turn off the power and wait [...]

Automated strip cutter failure solution

Next, we will continue to share with you the troubleshooting methods that often occur in the daily practical use of the automated strip cutter, and how to deal with a series of fault problems of the automated strip cutter. 1. When using heat cutting, the tape cannot be cut (1) Check whether the temperature reaches the preset temperature (2) Check whether the hot knife is heated 2. No power supply (1) Check whether the power connection plug is in good contact? (2) Check whether the [...]

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