In the process of wire processing, it is necessary to cut both ends of the wire in the terminal processing. How to do fast and good to cut tubing, HZX-100 full automatic tubing cutter is surely the best choice. What is it that allows us to recognize the HZX-100 full automatic tubing cutter,let’s analyze the technical aspects of the reasons for it.

HZX-100 fully automatic tubing cutter designed to meet the demand of high precision cut-to-length, can replace the cutter to actualize cut-to-length on cutting plastic tube, rubber tube, composite tube, copper tube, aluminum tube and other soft and hard materials.

Cut tube diameter 10-25mm,

cut tube length: 0.5-900M,

cutting accuracy: +- (0.1%+2mm).

cutting speed within the range of 1-150 meters stepless adjustment per minute.

HZX-100 full automatic tubing cutter with plastic tube cut-to-length cutting, yield and yield of the class setting function, realize the automatic counting yield reaches the set value automatic alarm functions. Through the touch screen, the user can carry out the cutting length setting of the plastic pipe, the yield per unit and the output of the class, the automatic conversion of the automatic and manual cutting mode, and the restoration of the cutter position.

HZX-100 full automatic tubing cutter adopts high reliable servo motor control system to complete the daily traction machine function, cutting speed1-150meters range stepless regulation per minute. The length of inlet pipe was measured by high precision rotary encoder, precision can reach 0.07mm. The control system adopts SIEMENS PLC programmable controller, with powerful 320-240 touch screen display, set all kinds of information. Can easily complete the operation speed of the pipe cutting machine, pipe cutting length, the number of the number of cut pipe and so on a number of functions to set up and perform the work.

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