For machines, poor contact has always been one of the main causes of failure, ranging from mobile phones, computers, to wire tin dipping machines, aviation equipment, etc. Since this problem is so important, of course, we need to pay attention to it. Today, let’s analyze the problem of poor contact of wire tin dipping machine.
For the computer, the memory module is the most common cause of poor contact, while for the wire tin dipping machine, the metal conductor inside the wire tin dipping machine is the most common cause of poor contact. This part is the core part of  wire tin dipping machine. It transmits the voltage, current or signal from the external wire or cable to the contact corresponding to the connector. Because of its importance, we need it to have stable and reliable contact and good conductivity.
So, what are the causes of poor contact structure? In fact, this is also a common factor, such as the processing size of out of tolerance, unreasonable surface treatment process such as heat treatment and electroplating, poor storage environment, poor and improper use and operation, all of which are possible to cause poor contact between the contact parts and matching parts of wire tin dipping machine!
In order to avoid the failure of the ribbon cable wire tin dipping machine in the use process, we must master the correct operation method in the process of using the machine, and at the same time, we must know more about some simple common sense of the machine, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine. In the use of the tin dipping machine, we should pay more attention. Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, the wire tin dip soldering machine will not stop. If there is a shutdown situation, you need to analyze the reasons for its shutdown.

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