Due to COVID-19 in the first half of the year, the world economy has been greatly disturbed. But here, we hope that you can take care of your own safety and health, and strengthen the epidemic prevention work. No matter how bad the social economy is, there is no priority for health and safety. The content is also far away. The following editor will give you a detailed explanation of applicator adjustment method steps of automatic wire stripper crimper for crimping small wire. This is a difficult problem that most customers will encounter. Now I will solve the problem one by one.
The steps of applicator adjustment of automatic wire stripper crimper for crimping small wire are as follows:
1. The control block in Figure 1 can adjust the crimping force of blade on terminal. If the terminal tail-end is not clamped with the cable copper wire when crimping, the control block can be used to control.
2. The small hook in Fig. 3 is used to control extension part of terminal. Once one terminal is crimped, the hook will move the second terminal to the crimping position. If the pushing position of the terminal is not correct, it is necessary to use the position (2) for operation.
3. If the terminal can not be inserted into the mold, it may be that the terminal of another manufacturer has been replaced, or the terminal has deviation. Usually, the wire crimping machine manufacturer will require the customer to send the terminal sample, and then make the appropriate mold according to the customer’s terminal, therefore It is suggested that the wire harness manufacturer should not replace the terminal manufacturer at will. As there are many terminal manufacturers in China, even if the terminals are of the same specification, there will be differences.
The above-mentioned points are common problems in the process of applicator adjustment of automatic wire stripper crimper for crimping small wires. Generally, large manufacturers of automatic wire crimping machines will provide customers with professional training on the corresponding basic technical knowledge In the case of purchasing automatic wire crimping machine manufacturers, the price function is the key point, and the service guarantee can not be ignored. If the follow-up service guarantee is not available, the work efficiency and other maintenance expenses will be interfered when the machine equipment has any problems.

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