Mechanical failure is a common, automatic terminal crimping machine is no exception, there are many kinds of failures of automatic terminal crimping machine, today is mainly with you about what’s reason caused automatic terminal crimping machine bad contact.

Full automatic terminal crimping machine is necessary to have a good touch of the layout, reliable and reliable touch stick and excellent conductive function, so the situation is likely to cause the lug crimping machine touch bad.
1, the layout of the touch is not reasonable, the choice of data fault.

2, the mold is not stable, poor processing scale, rough appearance.

3, heat treatment, electroplating and other surface treatment process is unreasonable, improper assembly, storage and use of harsh environment and improper operation.

All of the above will touch the touch parts and parts of the composition of the touch is bad, so in addition to the purchase of automatic benchtop crimping press needs to choose good, daily maintenance can not be ignored.

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