Next, we will continue to share with you the troubleshooting methods that often occur in the daily practical use of the automated strip cutter, and how to deal with a series of fault problems of the automated strip cutter.
1. When using heat cutting, the tape cannot be cut
(1) Check whether the temperature reaches the preset temperature
(2) Check whether the hot knife is heated
2. No power supply
(1) Check whether the power connection plug is in good contact?
(2) Check whether the fuse is disconnected
3. There is power supply, but it cannot be started, the sensor is wrong, the cutter seat sliding sleeve is stuck or there is no pressure
(1) Check whether the cylinder is ventilated, if it is not ventilated, please open the valve
(2) Sensor error
(3) Check whether the sliding sleeve of the cutter seat is stuck, and pour lubricating oil on the sliding sleeve
Note: Please do not add white oil for the hot & cold strip cutting machine
4. Rotary knife sensor error
(1) Check if there is air pressure or the punching frame is stuck
(2) Check whether the baffle of the rotary knife sensor is offset or stuck at the top rotation
(3) Is the fuse of the drive board blown?
5. The screen does not display
Check if the transformer output has power or the socket is loose
6. The cut length is inconsistent with the set value
(1) Relax the roller or use the belt conveyor to assist feeding
(2) Turn on the compensation function
7, the color mark sensor error
How to set the color mark sensor:
(1) First, measure the length of the trademark and enter it into the computer after confirmation.
(2) Cut trademark settings: such as: set length 100mm
(3) Fix the sensor on the rail, and then connect the socket of the sensor
(4) Align the cutting line on the trademark with the blade (must be prepared before setting the sensor)
(5) Set the light beam of the color mark sensor to move to the center of the mark point and adjust the height nut to make the light spot into a clear “1” shape.
(6) First turn on the “+” switch, set it to 80, and then set it to 100, of which 20 is waste.
(7) Focus the light on the blank space of the background color of the trademark (1 place), press the “MODE” button and the yellow light in TEACH will light up, then press the “ON” button, and then move the light spot to the place where the text or pattern is easy to recognize Click the “OFF” button again (2 locations). Click three times to complete. (The second click is to recognize the targeted color)
8. There is induced current when the hand touches the device
When installing this equipment, users need to equip their own electric shock-proof leakage switch. The grounding pole of the three-pin socket must have a good grounding wire to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
9. No material alarm
(1) Whether the materials are used up, please replace with new materials
(2) Check whether the material is loaded or the pressure plate falls into the groove
(3) If everything is normal, check whether the travel switch is stuck and does not bounce back

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