Solutions for  some problems of computerized wire stripping machine

1, computerized wire stripping machine shows appearance of copper wire intercept or cut off when it’s working? The primary reason is the knife value is too small. Solution: the need to increase the value of the knife, the knife to adjust the value of the planning according to your existing wire to be fixed, can be modified.

2, the machine starts the alarm sound? Please check the parameters can be set correctly, please note that the upper left corner of the LCD will be prompted, please indicate the number of tips on the control, the control manual changes.

3, why wire stripping machine can not peel off the insulation? The reason is that the knife value is too big. Need to decrease the value of the knife, the roller pressure is too small, need to increase the pressure; upper and lower roller space larger than the wire gauge, need to be reduce the gap to wire core; if the blade to damage, perhaps the need to change new blade. Specialized in the production of computerized wire stripping machine.

4, the use of computerize wire stripping machine has a strict application process, the machine needs to use a dedicated power supply, and in accordance with the relevant distribution needs to be inserted into the corresponding terminal.

5, computerized wire stripping machine in the running process, is to prevent contact with electricity and complex parts, or very simple present leakage trouble, and then an accident.

6, computerized wire stripping machine inside the device has a counter, touch screen, servo control, and so on, which are attributed to a number of high-precision control appliances. In the process of using these appliances, we must adjust the relevant parameters, to ensure the correct use of computerized wire stripping machine.

7, in the process of distribution of computerized wire stripping machine, we must ensure that the power supply is closed, it is also used to meet the national standard of electrical equipment, to ensure the safety of the machine.

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