With the arrival of twenty-first century, each country’s industry has entered a period of rapid development, especially in Asia. Full automatic wire stripper terminator machine connector industry at present in the world has entered a mature period, but the terminal industry manufacturers to gain great benefits in the connector in the wave must grasp the life of the operation terminal industry.

Full automatic wire crimping machine crimps continuous terminal, it is convenient for wire connection, it is actually a sealed in plastic insulation inside the metal sheet, both ends can be inserted into the wire hole, a screw for fastening or loosening, such as two wires, sometimes need to be connected, and sometimes need to disconnect, then you can use the terminal to connect them, and can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld them together or twisted together, very convenient.

And the automatic wire crimping machine is suitable for a large number of interconnected wires, in the power industry have specialized terminal blocks, terminal box, above all is the terminals, single, double, current, voltage, common, can be broken and so on. A certain pressure area is to ensure reliable contact, and to ensure that the current through enough. The utility model utilizes the existing rail type continuous terminal connection technology and is equipped with a circuit composed of electronic components, and realizes the transmission coupling of the photoelectric process.

Full automatic wire stripper terminator machine terminal industry lies in the rapid development of connector industry, the development of the terminal industry rely mainly on the development, the economy of a country or region government and the importance of its essential terminal potential resources. The development of terminal industry in different regions of the different development situations, Europe, North America and parts of East Asia development earlier, they are the transition in the second industrial revolution, especially the United States and Japan, in the second industrial revolution and the third industrial revolution in a leap type development, promote the connector industry leap. For East Asia, Africa and parts of South America, the development of the connector industry is relatively slow, mainly in these areas are not in the industrial revolution to complete the transformation of their own industry.

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