we are chinese manufacturer in supplying diffirent models of wire crimping machines.

  • 1.5T Ribbon Cable Crimping Machine

    This 12k crimps/hour 1.5T ribbon cable crimping machine can replace the OTP transverse die arbitrarily,simpler than the old model, fast debugging,output can reach 12000 pcs per hour. It adopts new NC debugging parameters and LCD display. It eliminates the steps of difficult mold adjusting, and has exquisite design,greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves production efficiency and effectively controls the undesirable rate. Easy operation and free maintenance.

  • Benchtop Wire Stripping Crimping Press

    This benchtop wire stripping crimping machine is used for usb cable, power cord, headset cord, audio cable stripping and crimping.

  • FEK-30J Pneumatic Ferrule Crimper

    This FEK-30J pneumatic ferrule crimper for ferrules from 0.25 to 35 sqmm powered by air compressor can crimp different terminals with easy changing different crimping die sets, portable, productive and easy operation.

  • IDC Connector Crimping Machine

    We supply idc ribbon cable assembly, one of pneumatic idc connector crimping machine to crimp IDE/IDC sockets on ribbon cable,increase productivity.

  • Multi Conductor Cable Wire Stripper Crimper Machine

    This CM-A201 benchtop multi conductor cable wire stripper crimper machine adopt microcomputer control, reduced noise and energy conservation, is fully competent for stripping multi conductor cables of power cord, shielded wire and so on. highly efficient and free maintenance for longterm.

  • RJ45 Crimping Machine

    This ethernet patch cable rj45 crimping machine is a cat5e cat6 8p8c rj45 crimper specialized for crimping lan cable and telephone cable, easy change mold.

  • Single Granule Terminal Crimping Machine

    This single granule Terminal Crimping Machine (benchtop wire crimping press) adopts high-tech inverter technology, electronic precision positioning, avoids traditional terminal crimping machine clutch electromagnet common failure.