• LBK9S 2TServo Wire Splicing Machine

    Professional connector crimping equipment, designed for specifically for processing high-end, precision wire

    it replaces the traditional soldering together of wires with splice band crimping, without cold solder and air pollution.With humanization design, it is easy to operate.

    It adopts automatic conveyor with continuous for copper terminal (patent’s in the official records please don’t counterfeit), it can finish the processes of cutting, shaping and crimping in one time without scraps, saving cost.

    The mold is customized according to the wire size and the splice band specifications, and different wire size are configured with different mold.

    If the wire size is same, and the splice band size is changed, that need to accord request to do different mold.

    Splice band processed by special lines, and after riveting, the tension-resistant will be particularly strong, which ensures the stable quality.

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