Automatic Scrap Cable Stripping Machine

The Automatic Scrap Cable Stripping Machine features multiple stripping channels designed for varying wire sizes. Simply insert the wires into the appropriate channel, where the upper and lower blades deftly slice through the outer insulation. This process effortlessly reveals the valuable scrap copper, allowing for easy extraction. This versatile machine is compatible with cables ranging from 1mm to 45mm in diameter.

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Available Cable Size: Dia 1mm-45mm

Power Rating: 3000/4000W

Power Supply: 110V 220V 380V

Daily Output: 100-300kg

Measurement: 550x530x830mm

Net Weight: 98kg

Remark: We also have a customized model for slight gauge cable diameter 0.6MM to 12MM. this model no. is HK-12A.

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