• Fully Automatic Ribbon Cable Single-Head Crimping Machine

    Introducing our state-of-the-art Fully Automatic Ribbon Cable Single-Head Crimping Machine. The user-friendly computer touch screen with a Chinese/English interface ensures easy learning and operation. Swift and efficient process and material replacement guarantee high precision, fast production, and simplified maintenance.

    This advanced machine utilizes a servo control system with two sets of domestic servo motors/drivers and three sets of stepper motors, ensuring reliable performance. Equipped with Yadeke cylinders, it features reliable pneumatic components for enhanced functionality.

    Experience smooth and precise movements with the threaded rod guide from Taiwan CPC/HIWIN. The intuitive Kinco (Taiwan) color touch screen allows for effortless control.

    With comprehensive computer numerical control debugging, you can precisely adjust blade size, wire cutting length, stripping length, immersion depth in soldering flux, and soldering immersion depth through the touch screen interface. Upgrade your production process with our Fully Automatic Ribbon Cable Single-Head Crimping Machine.

  • Pneumatic 8P-64P Connector IDC Crimper

    Revolutionize your cable crimping process with the 8P-64P IDC Connector Crimping Machine. Experience unparalleled efficiency as it automates crimping, delivering 300-600 pieces per hour. Precision-engineered for stable, high-quality outputs, its user-friendly operation ensures hassle-free maintenance. Upgrade now and embrace the future of precise, efficient crimping!

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