• Automatic Rope Wire Cable Seal Cutting Annealing Machine

    Automatic rope wire cable seal cutting annealing machine, its design is mainly aimed at problem from production and processing industries that a variety of lead-sealed wire rope,wire rope lock, sealing wire rope, blockade and so on batches of wire ropes after fusing, grinding and resolving the unstable quality of manual processing, a variety of processes, and increasingly serious labor difficulties, this fully automatic equipment can help save human labor, simplify the processing procedures, to reduce production costs and increase production capacity, multiple machines can be managed by one person at the same time.
    This equipment is widely used in medical equipment, auto parts, construction safety, office furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, locks and other industries. The high-precision touch-type computer control system makes the setting and changing of the fuse conditions easy, and good fuse quality can be obtained.


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