Cable Coiling Machine

Improve Your Cable Production with Our Automated Cable Coiling Machine

1. Advanced LCD and backlight display mode, operation mode of modern mobile phone. This wire coiling machine for power cord winding eliminates the shortcomings of digital tube such as dazzling and tedious setting and operation.
2. Perfect industrial protection circuit design to ensure trouble-free operation for more than 20,000 hours.
3. It has perfect data protection function for the set data.
4. Different sections can set different winding directions, and also have positive and negative counting functions.
5. The winding speed can be set separately in different sections with low noise and constant high and low speed torque.
6. Fast start, high speed, direct braking at high speed, high efficiency. For thin wire winding, special 0-9 slow start modes are available to prevent starting tension, and different slow start modes can be set for different sections.

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Model No.: HWN-400W
Power: 400W
Power Source: 220v-50Hz
Wire Coiling Disc Diameter: 300mm
Qty of winding bars: Max 6 pieces
Winding fixture can be installed.
Qyt of circles can be set
Rotation speed can be set
Output can be cauculated
Brake type: fixed brake
Wire Cable Shape After Coiling: Circle or “8” shaped
Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation can be shifted
Winding Diameter and Length: 5mm diameter wire can be coiled 100 meters.
Dimension: 340*280*240mm
Weight: 20kg

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