AutoStrip Max 70mm² Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

Introducing the AutoStrip Max 70mm² Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine, equipped with the latest 641-bit intelligent control system and a user-friendly touch screen interface for efficient operations. Easily store and access hundreds of data sets, while setting customizable cutting and stripping lengths for various wire processing needs. Designed for thick wire processing, this versatile machine is suitable for electronic wires, new energy wires, automotive power distribution box cables, BV, BVR, PVC, and more. Experience precise and professional results with the AutoStrip Max and elevate your wire processing capabilities today.

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Model No.JT-507
Display method7Cunbuke touch screen
power supplyAC175V-250=50/60HZ
cutting length0.1mm-99999.9mm
Peeling lengthHead stripping0.1-300mm, tail stripping0.1-120mm
cutting core2.5square-70square
cutting tolerance0.002×Lmm
Middle peeling13Office (can be added)
Catheter diameter6mm-19mm
Tool materialTungsten steel/Imported high speed steel
drive mode8wheel drive
Wire stripping per hour800-2000Bar (according to the actual wire adjustment and change)
Wire pressure adjustmentManual pulley adjustment
Pulse equivalent1In-line error0.02mm
Blade motor accuracy per stepSilent hybrid stepper motor per step0.1mm
Note functionAutomatic outgoing line, automatic incoming line, timing start.

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