Multi 3-Core Flat Cable Wire Stripping Machine

This state-of-the-art machine features the latest 64-bit intelligent control system with a user-friendly Chinese and English touch screen interface. This automatic multi 3-core flat cable stripping machine boasts extensive storage capacity for hundreds of presets, ensuring fast and efficient operations. Ideal for processing various cables, including 3-core flat cable, electronic wires, new energy wires, silicone wires, high-temperature wires, Teflon wires, and isolation wires. Enjoy the flexibility of arbitrary peeling adjustments and simultaneous stripping of both inner and outer layers of 3-core flat cable. Experience the ultimate convenience and precision with our versatile cable processing solution.

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product nameMulti 3-core flat cable stripping machine
Display method4.3inch touch screen (Chinese and English switching)
power supply(switching power supply)AC175V-250=50/60HZ
cutting length0.1mm-99999.9mm
Peeling lengthHead stripping0.1-250mm, tail stripping0.1-80mm
cutting coreWire outer diameter1-10mm
cutting tolerance0.002脳Lmm
Middle peeling12 (Can be added)
Catheter diameter1mm-10mm
Tool materialTungsten steel/Imported high speed steel
drive mode6wheel drive
Wire stripping per hour1500-2500Bar (according to the actual wire adjustment and change)
Wire pressure adjustmentManual Skate Adjustment
Pulse equivalent1In-line error0.02mm
Blade motor accuracy per stepSilent hybrid stepper motor per step0.1mm
Note functionAutomatic outgoing line, automatic incoming line, timing start.

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