Automated Multicore Power Cable Stripping Machine

Introducing our cutting-edge Automatic Multicore Power Cable Stripping Machine! This advanced equipment is designed to automatically cut and strip power cables, removing the outer protective sheath and the insulation from the core wires with precision. It can process 2 to 8 cores simultaneously, making it highly efficient for stripping lamp cables, power cords, flat power cords, and USB data cables. Streamline your cable processing operations with this versatile and reliable machine. Boost productivity and ensure consistent, high-quality results. Explore the future of cable stripping now!

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Display method4.3inch touch screen (Chinese and English switching)
power supply(switching power supply)AC175V-250=50/60HZ
cutting length0.1mm-99999.9mm
Stripping lengthHead stripping0.1-250mm, tail stripping0.1-70mm
Catheter diameterOuter diameter of multi-core sheathed wire1-8mmwithin
Suitable for wiremulti-core power cable (Corewire:2-8 pcs),pvc power cord, rubber cord, etc.
Tool materialTungsten steel/Imported high speed steel
drive modeFour-wheel drive, roller feed
Wire stripping per hour600-1000strip(According to the actual wire adjustment and change)
Wire pressure adjustmentManual pulley adjustment
Pulse equivalent1In-line error0.02mm
Blade motor accuracy per stepSilent hybrid stepper motor per step0.1mm
Note functionAutomatic outgoing line, automatic incoming line, timing start.

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