Semi-Automatic H05VV-F Corewire Stripping Tinning Machine

This H05VV-F dip soldering machine integrates the functions of wire separation, stripping, twisting, tinning and neat cutting , can be completed in one time, saving 4 working positions compared with the original working mode, saving manpower, stable quality, safe and simple operation, high efficiency.

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1. Design according to people’s action habits to make the equipment safer, more energy-saving and environmental protection in the operation process. The high-precision parts of the machine are all international famous brands, so that the service life of the equipment is longer.
2. Simple and quick operation mode, novice can operate skillfully in a short time. The average processing time is 2000 pieces per hour.
3. The processing speed and stripping length can be adjusted and controlled by touch screen. The maintenance method is simple and fast, and ordinary workers can also complete the equipment maintenance work.
4. The machine is fully automatic in wire separation, stripping, twisting, tinning and neat cutting, saving 3-4 workers compared with the original work.
5. can only process 2 core wires of H05VV-F, max 3 cores.

Model No.: HWN-06s
Power supply voltage: AC220V / 50Hz (can be customized)
Machine function: wire splitting,stripping,twisting,tin soldering,neat cutting
Applicable wire: spt-1, spt-2, h03vvh2-f, h05vvh2-f, RVV, VFF. (can be customized)
Processing speed: 1700-2000 pieces / hour
Wire stripping size: 2mm-9mm
Wire tinning size: 2mm-9mm
Sheath stripping: Max 150mm
Power form: react in chain
Machine size: 1200mmx630mmx1300mm
Net weight: 300KG


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