AutoStrip Max 70mm² Battery Cable Cutter Stripper

This cutting-edge machine features the latest 641-bit intelligent control system, a user-friendly Chinese and English switching LCD display, and touch screen operation. It can store up to 100 sets of information, allowing easy access for fast and efficient operations. With high-end configuration and precision, it ensures error-free length cutting and achieves high output rates. This versatile machine is perfect for lamp wires, power cords, flat power cords, and it also serves as an all-in-one solution for stripping the outer sheath and core wire of data cables. Experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency with this advanced wire processing equipment.

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Display method7inch touch screen (Chinese and English switching)
power supply(switching power supply)AC220V/50-60HS
cutting length1mm-99999mm
Peeling lengthHead stripping0.1-250mm,                                                                                                     tail stripping0.1-100mm                                                                                                      Depending on the wire
Cutting range1-70within the square BVWire35square,BVR70within the square
Suitable for wireNew energy vehicle wiring harness, rubber wire,pvcWire BVWireBVRWire cutting and peeling
Tool materialTungsten steel/Imported high speed steel
drive modecrawler drive
Wire stripping per hour400-1000Bar (according to the actual wire adjustment and change)
Wire pressure adjustmentmotor adjustment
Roller modeLead screw motor lifting wheel
Pulse equivalent1In-line error0.02mm
Blade motor accuracy per stepSilent hybrid stepper motor per step0.1mm
Note functionAutomatic outgoing line, automatic incoming line, timing start.

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