Fully automatic wire cutting and stripping machines,accurately cut PVC coated electric wires and remove the insulation from both ends,offer precise and repeatable stripping quality, high speed processing,user-friendly operation and a nearly unlimited range of processing capabilities, can cut and strip single core, multi-strand PVC insulated electric wires, large square cable and angle bend cable.

  • Automatic Flat Ribbon Cable Strip Cut Split Machine

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    This fully automatic wire stripping machine on how to strip FFC cable using the hybrid drive microcomputer LCD display control system, cutting, stripping and both-ends wire separation in red white flat ribbon cable, blue white flat ribbon cable, gray flat ribbon cable, double flat ribbon cable can be finalized in one time,computer control both-ends wire separation length, does not require the replacement of mold, operation is simple and easy to understand.

  • Automatic Wire Cut Strip Forming Machine

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    This fully automatic wire stripping machine for cutting stripping forming car wiring harness uses hybrid drive microcomputer full LCD control system, for the wire harness,power,power distribution box,battery box and other industries, cutting, stripping, clockwise and counterclockwise 30 degree to 90 degree forming. simple to learn,easy to operate.

  • Automatic Wire Stripping Machine For Max 150 Square MM Cable

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    BJD804 specialized for cable manufacturing and processing, max cutting cable for 150 Sq.mm, this machine is suitable for BV,BVR cable cutting used in power station, electric meter box and automobile industry, car charging column and etc.

  • CM-BX01 Single Wire Computerized Wire Stripping Machine

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    CM-BX01 single wire computerized wire stripping machine

    Product features: process single wire,double wires,parallel wires,flat ribbon cable. wire cutting and stripping, multi-sections stripping in the medium.

    Motor power: rated 160W

    Cutting length: 1mm-9999mm

    Cutting tolerance: (0.002xL) mm

    Cutting wire core cross section: 0.1-2.5mm2

    Suitable wire stripping: PVC, Teflon, glass fiber line

    Stripping speed (pieces per hour): 3000-8000

    Driving method: two wheels driven

  • Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

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    This machine is mainly used for processing coaxial cable and special single wire, using the most advanced rotating turret, to improve the accuracy and speed.

  • Fully Automatic Flat Sheathed Cable Stripping Machine

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    This fully automatic wire stripping machine on flat sheathed cable uses hybrid drive, SMC pneumatic components, microcomputer full LCD control system, with a wheel function to improve the length and stability of the stripping length.

    • ) flat sheathed cable: outer jacket and insulation of core wires can be one-time processing completed.
    • ) round sheathed cable: outer jacket can be stripped only.
  • Fully Automatic Large Square Wire Stripping Machine

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    This machine uses a hybrid drive microcomputer control system of the whole LCD screen, in the processing range can be arbitrarily set the length of the cutting wire,stripping length,quantitive, time to start function,manufacturing for large square wire cable,especially for processing of the automotive,power distribution box (BV cable,BVR cable)

  • Fully Automatic Large Square Wire Stripping Machine

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    BJ-D805 for cable manufacturing and processing,cutting cable for 95 square mm, this machine is suitable for power meter box and automobile industry, car charging column, BV,BVR wire cutting and stripping.advantage of this machine is the use of dual motor simultaneously feeding wire, so that feeding wire is more stable and accurate. this machine uses PLC programme,automatic computer mouse operation,7 inch touch screen,simple,easy to operate.

  • Fully Automatic PVC Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine

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    This full automatic wire stripping machine for stripping wire from 32AWG to 14AWG uses a hybrid drive microcomputer full LCD operating system, cutting, stripping, one time completion, but also the front half stripping with twisted wire, protect the integrity of the wire, special wire can instantly change the size of wire specifications.


  • Fully Automatic Round Sheathed Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

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    1. This machine is suitable for processing multi-core power cord and special single-core wire;

    2. wire cutting, stripping jacket, stripping core wire and other complex work order can be completed on the machine, to maximize the saving labor costs and improve processing quality;

    3. The mobile blade holder, cutting, stripping were used different tools to complete, cut neatly, stable stripping quality;

    4. Up to 100 groups of storage capacity, so that a variety of data processing intact, retrieved at any time!